Employee Assistance Program

This benefit provides you and your dependents with professional counselors to help deal with the stress and difficulties in life.

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Introducing ThinkHealth

Priority Health has introduced a digital magazine that helps consumers navigate health care. Visit here to browse many beneficial articles.

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FSA Store - Calculator

Flexible Spending Accounts are a great way to save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses. By using pre-tax dollars, you are essentially saving 30% on your eligible medical, pharmaceutical, dental and eye care costs!

The only challenge is figuring out how much money to set aside. We’re here to help! This handy FSA Calculator will help you estimate your health spending for the year so you can make an informed decision and take maximum advantage of your FSA.

  FSA Calculator

Benefits Technology

Welcome to the Otsego Public Schools PocketPal! Our benefits and communication app.

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The information included in this portal is a high-level summary of common benefits. For more details about your plans, please refer to your Plan Document, Summary Plan Description or Certificate of Insurance Coverage. The information in those formal plan documents governs.

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